Good start at CBLM Championships!!

Amy and Cece started the day off with a great test, winning with 68%. This was a warm up class for the Training level Championships on Sunday.

Elite Pharis and I showed in the Second level Championships and placed seventh in a very big class.

Melinda Walton and Larry Smith’s Benefactor, or “Benny”, was amazing . We showed in the training level Championships with 43 horses in the class. Benny is only four years old and is such a talented horse! We won the Championships with 72.58%.

I also showed Laurie Cameron’s Likely Story in the training level Championships . I am so proud of this little mare! She did such a great test and we placed fifth out of 43 horses with 70%.

Kymmy and Hayden were also in this big Championship class and did very well, placing 9th.

Gracia and her mare Dia showed in the Junior Second level Championship and placed fifth!

For live results click here.

More updates soon!


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