Great day at Blue Goose Dressage

Zoran and Silva

Blue Goose Results: 
Duvent won fourth level test 3 with 72%

Zoran (Bonnie Stedt’s 6-year-old), won training level test 3 with 76%
Benny won training level test 2 with 74.8%
Amy and Cece placed second to Benny and I with 74.2%
Hayden and Kymmy won training level test 1 with 66%
Pharis was second in his first third level with 65%
Vanderbild was second in his first second level with 68%
Cisco RRS was third at his very first show
Comet and Kymmy placed second in third level test 2 with 63%
We are so lucky that we have such nice horses at the moment. The sale horses I have are so wonderful! Elite Pharis is coming up with great scores everywhere he goes, scoring high seventies in second level and finishing second in his very first third level.
Vanderbild is only five years old and scoring high sixties in second level.
Cisco RRS is just a true gentleman: he is a giant baby but just the most wonderful, gentle personality!!
You would not even know Hayden is such a baby still. He is all business and is very honest!
Whoever is out looking for a champion to buy , please call me! All these horses are fantastic!
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