Great Friday at the GAIG Championships!


Today was a pretty exciting day for me because Stately and I did our first Prix St George test together.  Stately was his usual amazing self although he was still a little green. I was so happy that we won, but even happier with our score of 74.6%. It was so much fun to have his owner Faye here for our first step into FEI!


Zoran moved up to third level today and did a great test. Bonnie and I are very excited about him! He is going to be a very special horse. We won today with 69%.


Benny and I showed in the Region 1 GAIG Championships today. We have to keep reminding ourselves that Benny is only 4 years old. He was truly amazing and we won with 75.4%. Melinda was here to cheer us on!

Melinda and Benny

Duvent had the warm up class for his Championships today. I think today was the most quiet test we ever did! I think he might be settling down! ( I hope I did not jinx myself) We won fourth level with 69%.


Elite Pharis did a very nice test in third level today and we win with 66%. Pharis has come a very long way; this time last year he was green at training level!

Gracia and Dia had a nice test in their warm up class today and won with 67%.

Kymmy and Markie showed in the open Prix St George Championships today. They had a very nice test in an extremely competitive class and finished ninth.


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