Great Start to the Performance Show at Dressage at Devon!!

Beau Guimond and Melinda Walton with Schoene

We finished with the breed show yesterday morning and the baby’s had a good last day showing at Devon. Shoene, (Melinda’s two year old), placed second in a huge Hanoverian class with Beau showing him off in-hand while Rio Royale, (Melinda’s 3 year old), placed third in his class. The babies went straight home to Virginia after the show and they are all safe and sound at home and are very happy to be back in the field. I have to say that I cannot wait for those babies to grow up so that I can ride them. They are very special young horses!
Making Last Minute Repairs to Demi’s Braids with Pam Murphy

We started with our performance horses in the afternoon. The FEI 4 year old class was first and Kymmy rode her young horse, Hot Date and I rode Di Solitaire and Benefactor.
Benny was first in the class and he was great! The judges loved him and called him a very mature four-year-old, which is funny because we always say Benny is four going on 30. The judges gave us very high scores and we ended up setting a high standard in the class with 79.9%. Benny held his lead all the way to the end and won the class! I am very excited about this horse, he is a very special guy and of course another one that Melinda and Larry breed.
Next for us was Di Solitaire. Well, let’s just say that we did not run out of energy! This was only Sully’s second show and Devon has a lot of atmosphere and a lot of people were watching. Sully was fabulous in the trot and walk and got “a little excited” in the canter. It was funny though, because he has a ton of personality and we all laughed about it. The judges still really liked him and scored him 77.5%. He is going to be a great horse. Sully and I are doing another four year old class today and I am hoping he is getting tired!
It was so great that his owners and good friends of ours, Mike and and Anne Laver, came from Aiken, SC to watch us go.
Kymmy and Hot Date followed us in the ring. Kymmy hascome a looooong way with her riding and I am so very proud of how she rode yesterday. Hayden was an angel and they did a very nice test, scoring 78%, which placed them fourth in this big class! This horse in for sale and he is a once in a lifetime horse! Whoever buys him will have a ton of fun!
Our next class of the day was fourth level and we had Markie and Kymmy, Stately and Duvent in that class. This class was in the Dixon arena, which can be very scary. Duvent was such a good boy holding it together. He is such a fabulous horse, but as we know he can be pretty hot. He tried his heart out for me and scored 71%, leading the class and finishing second behind Stately. Of course he is another one of Melinda and Larry’s babies.
Next I rode Stately and he of course was his perfect self. The warm-up was incredible and the test was very good. I cannot quite keep the same quality that I have in the warm up in the ring yet, but I have to keep reminding myself that he is ONLY SEVEN years old. We scored 71.6% and won the class. I am so exited to see Faye this weekend. Stately and I have not seen her in a while, and I know Stately will try extra hard for his mum!!
Following me into the ring again was Kymmy with Markie. Kymmy, Markie and I have been working very hard for the last few months and it showed. They did their best test and scored 64% and finished 5th in the class.
At 8.40pm I had Rosa in another 4th level class. Rosa has never gone under lights and of course she loved it! She was a little excited and it took me a while to settle her in the warm-up. Her trot and walk work was great and she got a little tense in the canter, but we held it together and won that class as well.
A good start for us, I would say!
Michael Barisone has been such a great help to us with all our horses and he was there yesterday to help us warm up.
I would also like to thank Stuebben for making sure that all my saddles fit perfectly. My horses feel great and they love their Stuebben saddles!
Fingers crossed for today!
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