Greetings from England

Neville Bardos out for a hack with Will Faudree on Andromaque

 After quite a disappointing Saturday at Luhmuehlen, a scope by the German team vet discovered that poor old Thomas had a paralyzed airway.  Both Denise, Pierre and I thought it would be best to send Thomas back to America where he will live life in Luxury in New Hampshire with his owners at Stony Brook Farm.  Originally the plan was to take him to England and do Burghley, but we feel that is no longer an option.  Thomas was in good health and great spirits as I said goodbye.

Otis Barbotiere

I hitched a ride to England with my good friend Jules Stiller.  On the way I received a text from Lindso saying that Remi had been added to the flight. This was a huge surprise to me!  I had always thought he deserved a trip after four top-ten 4-stars, and a 39 in his dressage at his last outing. Obviously I understood the reasoning behind not putting him on the original list with Otis and Neville already on and I am still unsure what the reasoning is behind the decision to add him to the crew, but I am elated that the ‘Hanoverian Hurricane’ is here.

Remington XXV

I spent Monday and Tuesday morning at Headley Stud, riding a few horses and watching the training of Jules and Mark Todd.  I must say the quality of horses at this farm is remarkable. I was also intrigued to see how much conditioning work Mark puts into his non-Thoroughbred horses.

I arrived at the training camp to see the boys in good health.  I hopped on and took them each for an hour-long hack yesterday and they all feel ready to go to work.  My plan is to gently increase the workload of dressage day by day.  It was also good to catch up with the other riders.

The facility here is outstanding: perfect footing, great stabling and awesome turnout.

Thank you to everyone that has helped me get here.


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  1. Great to see everyone in good spirits and health, keep up the great work — Your friend in Kansas

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