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I have some fabulous horses for sale at the moment, including inexpensive amateur horses as well as more advanced horses. If you are interested in any of them give me a call at 610-806-2721. -Silva



 Jones is an 8-year-old gelding and the perfect all around horse for an amateur, Young Rider or Pony Clubber. He has a great temperament and is just a pleasure to have around. Jones has proven himself to be highly competitive in the dressage arena, winning at training and first level with scores in the 70s. This gelding is eager to please at all times and is a very fast learner. I think is he cabable of going all the way up to FEI in the next few years. Jones also has good results in novice eventing and is a fun foxhunter, which makes him a pleasure to hack with other horses or by himself.

Here is a video of Jones at first level:


Billie Jean Halliday is a 7-year-old mare with a wonderful temperament. She really impressed us at her first show; she was so much fun to have around and was confident and happy to be at the show. She scored in the high 60s at training level and with some more training I think she is going to be a very promising horse to take up the levels. Billie has also some experience in jumping and loves to hack out.

Video of Billie at her first dressage show:


Colin is a 10 year old gelding who has proven himself a great Young Rider or amateur horse. Colin has had good results at third and fourth level with a Young Rider in the saddle. He is qualified for the BLM and GAIG Championships in third level and is qualified for Dressage at Devon in fourth level. This horse is very close to being an FEI horse and he has a lot of talent!


Fortissimo B

 Fortissimo B is the 2013 East Coast Selection Trail Champion for 5-year-old horses. He has been rewarded with score of 10 for his gaits! For this young gelding the sky is the limit! Fonzy is ranked 3rd in the country at the moment and is qualified for the National Young Horse Championships in Chicago at the end of August. He can compete there with any rider, so if anybody is interested at riding a high-ranked 5-year-old at this amazing show, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!!!

Here is the video of Fonzy winning the East Coast Selection Trial:

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