Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hunting from Boyd and Silva

Boyd and Silva with Bruce Davidson’s Chesterland farm in the background.

We had a wonderful and wet Thanksgiving Day with the Cheshire fox hunt. Every year there is a huge gathering of the community at the Kennels to see the hunt ride through thousands of acres of preserved land.

The riders in the hunt include people from all walks of life: race jockeys, land owners, flat and steeplechase trainers, doctors, lawyers, farmers, investment bankers, and we are very proud to say, a few eventing riders and one dressage rider!

Ryan Wood, Ron Juvonen and Boyd Martin

Ron and Densey Juvonen where nice enough to lend us a couple of their top horses for the hunt. Boyd was riding ‘Leon’, who is Justina Juvonen’s Dutch show jumper, while Silva was on Ron’s pride and joy, The Colonel. Even though Silva had the shiniest boots on, and the longest stirrups, she jumped all of the three-rail post and rail fences. She even jumped a couple of fences on the Pennsylvania Hunt Cup course and the Brooklawn Double (two post and rail fences separated by Newark Road that you have to gallop across).

It was a fabulous hunt that lasted a couple of hours galloping around the countryside near Unionville. We both truly enjoy getting involved with other horse sports in this great community that we live in. Its a great opportunity to meet interesting characters, and also get an insight how other legendary horse trainers and riders work with their horses…

Happy Thanksgiving,
Boyd and Silva

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