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 Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving! 

Silva Starting out

Silva and I had a blast of a day galloping around the Cheshire hunt country with about 200 riders. This year, I am very proud to be a member of the Cheshire Foxhounds.  I have been hunting a few of my younger, up and coming event horses and I believe it is a great education for them, jumping all sorts of fences, going through streams, and doing some serious conditioning up and down the hills of Chester County.

In the Field

Yesterday Silva and I were very well mounted: Silva was riding ‘Cornel’, Ron Juvonen’s top hunt horse – Cornel is a is a legend in the field who knows every fence, hole and grazing area in the country.

Silva with Ron Juvonen

 I was on the mighty, ‘Minotaure Du Passoir‘.  Amy Lindgren has left him in work with us since his win at the Bromont three day event a couple of years back and Min is a great galloper, super jumper and has the perfect mind for hunting. Both horses looked like they had a great time as well.

Boyd on Min, Gretchen Wintersteen (Neville & Eddie Syndicate owner), Dr Dean Richardson (Legendary Veterinary Surgeon to Barbaro )

Silva Approaching a Triple Rail – photo taken just a moment too soon!

The first run we had was across the Walkers’ land, on which the Plantation Field Horse Trials is run. I was tempted to jump a few cross-country fences, but I was sure Denis Glaccum was watching with binoculars.

L-R: David Leinhauser, Katie Walker (Trading Aces Syndicate Member) and Harry Walker

L-R: David Leinhauser, Ryan Wood and Jennie Brannigan
L-R: Boyd, Silva and Susan Beebee
L-R: Nikki Lendl, Silva, and Jennie Brannigan

It was great to see fellow eventers Ryan Wood, Jenny Brannigan, Nikki Lendl, Susan Beebee, Sally Lofting and Camilla Grover out there.  I believe Silva was the only dressage rider out….

A big thanks to Ron and Densey and Amy for allowing us to ride their great horses.


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  1. Love it!!! I’ve been hunting for years now, it’s great conditioning for horses and riders, and Lord knows it helps you learn how to make decisions QUICKLY! I think I would faint (and then just follow you all around in awe, trying to soak up all of the awesomeness) if I saw that many incredible riders out with our hunt club on the same day!

  2. Hey Silva!: Both Skip and I were at the bottom of the field watching the running of the first fox out of the covert. Gave us and our company a thrill. Wish we had known you were there; would have made it even more fun! Joan

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