Healing Horses with Debora LeMay

Caption: Debora leMay working her magic on Neville Bardos

While in Aiken we are lucky to have the services of Debora leMay just around the corner. She uses infrared energy to help alleviate soreness in a noninvasive and drug-free way. She uses her specialized instrument to scan her patient and mark sore points with chalk, then zaps them with infrared. The next day they are going great! At a cost of only $75, I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants that competitive edge, or a happier horse.

Debora became interested in alternative, non-invasive therapies in the late 70’s with the advent of laser, then infrared technology. Known around both Thoroughbred and Standardbred race tracks as the “laser lady,” she enjoyed helping horses in NJ and the tri-state area. Retiring to Maine in 1990 to raise children and recover from health problems, she always had a stall available for the occasional ship-in to be healed.

Lately Debora has returned full time to the joy-filled business of helping horses be the best they can be with new technology that can actually find every sore spot on a horse and miraculously improved photon therapy to quickly help those areas heal. Infrared therapy has been proven to help with pain, in a legal and non-invasive way.

Debora is in Aiken until April 1st, and will be traveling to major events and making farm calls throughout the 2012 eventing season. She can be reached by phone at 207.542. 8624 or by email:
Her website is

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