Healthy Horses and Fatter Wallets Thanks to Haygain Hay Steamers

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I’ve been lucky enough to be supported by Haygain since the American Eventing Championships this year and it’s been a wonderful piece of machinery that has not only made my horses look and feel better, it’s saved me a fair bit of money in hay. To start with I’ve noticed in the last month or two that the horses’ weight and condition have been better and better; I think this is due to a number of reasons but a contributing factor is the steamed hay has all the nutrients and minerals enhanced and preserved thanks to Haygain. In simple form, steamed hay gets rid of the bacteria and eliminates all the dust and mold that might be in the hay. I feel that the Haygain steamer has made our hay into top-notch, first-class quality hay.

The other fantastic thing about Haygain is I’ve noticed my hay purchases decrease even though we have the same number of horses in work. We are feeding a little bit less hay and getting the same result in our horses’ energy and weight. The other thing is there is no wasted hay left in the stables. For whatever reason the steamed hay must taste twice as yummy as un-steamed hay and the horses are eating it all up and not leaving any to waste. Before we were using the Haygain the girls found that when they cleaned the stalls in the morning there was a lot of loose hay mixed up with the dirty straw but now there is absolutely no hay left, so I feel like we’re getting more for our money when we purchase hay.

I would urge anyone that’s interested in watching their dollars over the long-term and interested in helping their horses look and feel their best to get in touch with Clint at Haygain. I can’t believe the difference.


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