HH Lancaster Stars in Video

Here is the latest Evention episode were Dom and Jimmie give a great clinic on making your eye more accurate. 
Dom demonstrates the exercises on HH Lancaster, whom is a Canadian Sport Horse that is owned in partnership with Ron and Densey Juvonen and Art and Justina Dodge. HH Lancaster is slowly developing into a really class horse: he started out a bit wild, but as you can see on the video, he is really starting to settle and look the part. Dom has been good enough to help with his training, and also compete him a number of times while I have been injured.
I must say, this is an excellent training video. The information that is given on the Evention episodes are very helpful, and things that we all should practice. Dom and Jimmie have a great way of simplifying the art of improving.
Thank you Dom and Jimmie and thank you Densey, Ron, Art and Justina for getting behind this horse.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Yes they are awesome!! And cute horse too Boyd 🙂

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