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We finally arrived home at 4am this morning from an epic Bromont three-day event in Quebec, Canada. For me this is, alongside Fair Hill, the very best three-day event in North America. Bromont has it all: beautiful weather, a sensational venue and a serious, tough competition. In all my years of going to Bromont – I think it’s ten now – I’ve won the lower classes a few time, but I’d never managed to win the CCI4*-L, and that was a big goal of mine at the beginning of this year.

In the CCI4*-L I had two unbelievably talented horses. On Cue, who is a beautiful French-bred mare owned by Chris Turner, took on her first 4* long track. This mare absolutely oozes with class and really showed me that she can be a horse for next year’s Olympic Games. She’s still a little bit green but is just so strong in all three phases and I can’t tell you how excited I am to have the opportunity to ride this awesome horse. I’ll rest her for two weeks and try to get an embryo out of her, then put her back into work and aim her for Fair Hill at the end of the year.

Ray Price is owned by ten Syndicate members; he won the CCI4*-L and obviously this is his best performance to date in his career. Amy Lindgren originally helped bring Ray to America as a 3-year-old and when Amy fell sick we were forced to syndicate him; he’s been slow to mature, but he has amazing speed and endurance being about 85% Thoroughbred. Last year at Fair Hill he made the time but felt overwhelmed, nervous and green. I knew he’d suit this track because of his speed and endurance.

Silva’s been working hard with him on the flat, especially on the flying changes, and he put in a great test. On the cross country he was absolutely brilliant. Thanks to Phillip Dutton, who’s been helping me with training Ray to take on his fences a little more confidently, and Rich Picken for helping me get the best out of the horse in the show jumping. I’d also like to quickly thank the Syndicate members. In the past couple of years Ray has had some good performances and some disappointing ones and I’m glad they’ve stuck by him all this time. Like Cue I’ll aim Ray for the Fair Hill International 3-day event in October.

Barry with Nancy Hathaway

In the CCI3*-S I had two magnificent horses. Barry ended up winning which was a huge performance considering the quality of the field, which included a Pan Am Gold Medalist and WEG horses and Barry beat them all. Funny enough Canadian Olympian Peter Barry bred Barry just 20 minutes up the road from Bromont so it was fantastic watching Nancy and Kathleen’s horse compete in front of his original owner as Peter’s been a good mate of mine for many years. Barry is starting to come into his own, he has taken a little bit of time but he’s really starting to show glimpses of brilliance.

Luke 140 was the only real disappointment this weekend. He’s a new ride for me and we are still getting to know each other. He’s an unbelievably talented animal and is quite sharp and quirky. He did a great dressage test but on cross country he was a little bit sharp and spooky. He decided he didn’t want to go down one of the galloping lanes and we had a little bit of an argument; I got after him with the stick and he took off like a racehorse, out of control! We were tearing left and right, all over the mountains of Bromont before I pulled him up and decided to wait for another day. It was a bit of a surprise as it’s our fifth event together and in hindsight I think rode him a bit like he’s proven a champion, while I need to give him a more specific, confident-giving ride until he becomes my confirmed partner. I’m confident I’ll get him sorted out by the next show.

In the CCI2*-L I rode Nancy Hathaway’s Fernhill Prezley for 4th place. This horse has been beautifully produced by Heidi White in Aiken. He’s a bit of a handful to ride, but oozes talent. He really tried hard in all three phases and I’m still kicking myself for making too short of a turn to the last fence in the show jumping and now accounting for his greenness. It was completely my mistake having the last jump down, and a painful mistake as it cost us the win. However we got to know each other a lot better and I think we’re going to have some great success in the future.

I’m also very proud of my boys who work for me: Mike Pendleton, Joe Bowersox and Bradley Champagne all rode like demons this weekend in the U25 section. This is a great new competition for the up and coming riders in North America.  A great supporter of mine, Stephen Blauner has really gotten behind pushing this program for the younger riders and I think it is very beneficial. I was very impressed with the boys this weekend as all three of them rode sensationally, all picking up top placings, and also managed to be part-time grooming for me throughout the competition as well.

Last but not least I really must say a big thank you to Stephanie, Sophie and Isabell, who did a sensational job grooming and organizing the management of the horses over the weekend. Without question our horses looked the best and were taken care of immaculately. These three girls worked every hour that it was daylight, contributing to the horses’ wonderful performance. Grooms do the bulk of the behind the scenes work and don’t always get the recognition they deserve, and I can’t tell you how hard they worked all weekend. I’m so proud of how the horses went and were looked after throughout the competition.


Ray Price, owned by the Ray Price Syndicate – 1st (33.0)


On Cue, owned by Christine Turner 3rd (36.3)



Barry, owned by Boyd, Nancy Hathaway and Kathleen Crompton 1st (30.60)

Luke 140,  owned by the Luke 140 Syndicate CCI2*-L (E)

CCI3* U25 L

Mike Pendleton and Steady Eddie – 10th (47.20)

Bradley Champagne and Wallaroo W – 12th (48.90)


Fernhill Prezley owned by Nancy Hathaway 4th (34.30)

CCI2* U25 L

Mike Pendleton and Carlsburg – 2nd (34.30)



Photos from Cindy Lawler:



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