2010 Pau France – Remington XXV

Remington Pau2010 PAU, FRANCE
7th Place

My first European four star would be on the unexpected Remington XXV. Remington was the alternate horse for the US team at the WEG. In a way, he was in slightly better form than Neville at the time, so I was eager to get a four star out of him in late 2010.

He was amazing in the dressage scoring a 43. This was both his and my best ever score at this level. He was one of only two horses to go the direct route around an intimidating technical course that wiped out half the field.

He was in 3rd place heading into the show jumping when disappointment struck. There was a huge down pour of horrendous rain as we started and both Remi and I lost our form in the jumping having a few rails down, to drop us to 7th place.

Photo Credit Marianne DELLECI

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