Neville Bardos – Retired

NevilleRolex2010NAME: Neville Bardos (The Legend!)

SEX: Gelding

COLOUR: Chestnut

HEIGHT: 16.1 hh

DATE OF BIRTH: 8-1-1999


SIRE: Mahaya (NZ)

DAM: Zambia (Aust)

BREED: Australian Thougherbred

BREEDER: Woodlands Stud, Scone, NSW, Austalia

PLACE OF BIRTH: Scone, Australia



Neville is healthy and well, enjoying the good life in semi-retirement at Windurra USA!

OWNERS: Neville Bardos Syndicate

Share 1: Ron & Densey Juvonan, Unionville, PA
Share 2: April, Chuck & MacKensie Whitlock, Union, KY
Share 3: Stephen Blauner, Millbrook, NY
Share 4: Gloria & Craig Callen, Millbrook, NY
Share 5: Nancy and David Hathaway, Millbrook, NY
Share 6: Bonnie Stedt, Milbrook, NY
Share 7: Tim & Cheryl Holekamp, FL
Share 8: Spike and Jeanne Sylvester, Hingham, MA
Share 9: Parker J. Collier, FL
Share 10: George and Gretchen Wintersteen, Unionville, PA

Photo Credit above Neville Rolex 2010 Mike McNally
Photo Credit right, Lisa Thomas

Neville’s USEA Results

Our boy Neville is a bit of a celebrity. Check out the full feature & several of the extras!!

Here are the web extras that include Capt. Mark Phillips talking about Boyd’s chances of making the Olympic team and Boyd talking about how to train an eventing horse.  Compliments of Jenny Dubin, Producer for NBC.

Above photo credit Steve Burkowitz.


Neville was born and bred at one of Australia’s most famous racehorse stud facilities, Woodlands.  Woodlands is situated in Scone, Northern NSW.  Ironically Neville’s father, Mahaya, was a shuttle stallion that was jetted over to Australia from the US for a breeding season.

Neville wasn’t much chop on the race track.  He trained and raced poorly at Kembla Grange race track.  Gordon Bishop, a friend of Boyd’s, tried Neville and declared him ‘no good’ as a jumper.  Just before Gordon sent Neville to the glue factory Boyd made an offer of $850 to the trainer to salvage Neville’s life.

Neville started his eventing carrier with Silva in late 2002.  It started terribly at the first event with Silva falling off at the second fence.  It took 15 minutes to catch him, but Neville did complete the course!

In 2006, Neville started showing great promise winning the Coffs Harbour CIC**, and then going on to win Melbourne CCI**.  He was later imported to America at the beginning of 2007.  He ran a credible 11th in his first CCI*** at Jersey Fresh and then in the fall of 2007 he had his best performance yet.  He came an amazing 4th at FairHill CCI ***.  In 2008, Neville hit the international stage, placing 9th at Rolex Kentucky CCI****.  He was short listed for the 2008 Bejing Olympics.

Neville is an enthusiastic character that is full of life.  He is named after a fast talking, hot headed, stand over gangster that lives in Melbourne.  Neville himself is a top class cribber.

His results to date stand for themself! He won Fairhill CCI*** in 2009, and then went on to place 4th at the Rolex CCI**** in 2010. After that, he was named on the US team for the World Equestrian Games.  He ended being the highest place US horse, placing 10th against the best of the best at the WEG.

Neville wins Fairhill CCI*** 2009! Watch the Video.


2014 Neville is enjoying coming back into work after a long period off to recover from his upper level career.  Mike Pindleton has been bringing him back into work and we’ve decided that Neville has earned himself the reward of a new career with a younger rider at the lower levels.  He has been truly been the foundation of Boyd’s Olympic level career and deserves only the best!

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