William Street

NAME: William Street

COLOUR: Chestnut


DOB: May 2005


SIRE: V.T. Tsunami (Oldenburg)

DAM: Bold Mansa (TB)

BREED: Oldenburg/TB

OWNER: Daryl Layfield Insley


William is a perfect mix of athleticism and ride-ability. Purchased by his current owner as a 3 year old, hopes were to bring him along as a successful local show hunter and equitation mount. Excitedly however, Will far exceeded expectations, particularly in his aptitude for dressage. Pairing this with his jumping talent, his owner decided to reroute his career towards eventing, competing him successfully in the 4 year old YEH Championships with a hugely talented group.

Will continued to settle into his new job, and returned to YEH in his 5 year old year to finish solidly in the upper third at the Championships. After reaching Preliminary level, his owner felt that he might have an upper level horse on his hands and asked Boyd to evaluate his potential. Boyd agreed with this assessment, took over the ride, and polished Will to and through his first Intermediate competition. As he continues to show promise at the upper levels, easily answering Advanced level questions, it’s now time for Will to find the perfect partner to take him all the way!

Will also is excellent hacking out on the trails and loves going to the beach even braving the ocean!
Contact Boyd for an appointment. 610-806-2381

Photo credits Cindy Lawler



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