Hylofit Instrumental in Upping Windurra’s Fitness Game!

There’s been quite a bit of buzz recently within the equestrian community regarding an emerging fitness technology company called Hylofit.  As with all of our sponsorship relationships at Windurra USA, we’re very careful to test out products to ensure that we can stand behind that company and that their products bring value to our horses and training program.  With that in mind, we wanted to share the backstory of how Boyd and Silva came to be introduced to this Hylofit.

During the lull between the end of competition season and the move to Aiken, Boyd has a tendency to hit the road to teach clinics throughout the US and abroad.  He was up in Connecticut teaching a clinic for fellow eventer, Booli Selmayr, and the Hylofit team was there doing a demo of the product.  They asked Boyd to take one of the systems home to test the product before we began discussions of a more formal sponsorship relationship.  The focus on the term “relationship” is an integral part of our sponsorship program at Windurra USA and one we cultivate carefully.

What has impressed us most about this product is the impact it has on analyzing the rider’s and horse’s heart rate and response to different levels of exercise.  It really has helped Boyd analyze his training program with each individual horse and tailor weekly workouts to maximize fitness.  The ladies at Hylofit have also been exceptionally supportive and knowledgeable with the technology, showing Steph, Boyd and his staff the ease of using the product.  They took the time to come down to Windurra USA to educate the staff on each unit, and during that visit – we shot video footage of Boyd in action with the system on several of his horses.

We have been extremely impressed with the team at Hylofit, their level of professionalism, and of course the functionality of the Hylofit system and how it has improved the fitness practices with our horses.  We now have 4 systems being used on our eventing horses and 2 systems for Silva’s dressage horses.  We’re very grateful to Hylofit for their partnership, and encourage all riders to check out this system.  It is easy to use and priced reasonably so riders of all levels can utilize it – at $349/unit and a membership plan is required for use of the app.  Plans start at $9.99/month or you can get yearly or lifetime plans as well.  It is also backed by a 30 day trial period to ensure all customers are happy with the use of the product!

To learn more about the Hylofit System and App – please visit their website at and we hope you enjoy the footage they shot while visiting Windurra USA earlier in April!


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