Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & Helping the TPF Fire Victims, part 1 on EN

By Samantha L Clark on July 2, 2011 5:20 PM, Filed Under 


The Hyperbaric Chamber at Fair Hill

I think everyone knows about the tragic fire at True Prospect Farm by now, that claimed the lives of six horses and left five severely injured. At Eventing Nation, we’ve been providing regular updates on the recovery of those five, and in the latest installment, Caitlin had mainly good news, as well as telling us that her horse, Hoku (Catch A Star), and Boyd’s WEG horse, Neville Bardos had been making daily visits to the Fair Hill Training Center to use the Hyperbaric Chamber there.  Today in part 1 we speak with Dr Slovis from Hagyard about the therapy.  Tomorrow we will hear from Caitlin about how the True Prospect horses are doing and from Bruce Jackson about his Fair Hill facility.
This is on of the ongoing expenses that effects the full recovery of Hoku and Neville.  The PRO online auction will help directly pay for these expenses.  For the full article & video interview with  please visit Eventing Nation!
Thank you Samantha!!
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