Ice Cream Cones and Stolen Horses: Pam Murphy’s GAIG Finals Report from Williamston, NC

We had another stellar day here in the thriving metropolis of Williamston, NC. So far the highlight has been a trip to the Dairy Queen for dipped vanilla cones. We opted for Dairy Queen as we had heard some fairly disturbing statistics about Williamston and wanted to make sure Devon and Jerusha stayed in for the evening rather than heading out to the all night party bar!. We would be totally lost without these two girls – they make sure the horses are all taken care of and well presented.

Silva Schooling Zoran (“Zoom”)
Despite all the fun stuff to do here, we have been very focused on GAIGs and competing. Silva, on Melinda and Larry’s wonderful four-year-old, Danka Schoene RRS, scored a whopping 74.1 which put them third in the Training 3 Open Championship class but just by a smidgen as second place was a 74.2! 
Danka Schoene
 Then Silva and the stolen event horse,Trading Aces, aced the Third Level Test 1 with a 73.816 and walked away with First Place. The judge commented on what a talented pair they were and thought that Trading Aces was headed for a promising career as an upper level dressage horse! 
Rio Royale RRS, another one of Melinda and Larry’s super babies, knocked it out of the park today with a 75.86 in Training 2 and a 71.3 in Training 3 to win both classes despite his newbie owner rider. In this regard, Devon’s comment is worth noting – “not bad for somebody who hasn’t ridden in 28 years” … just goes to show that Silva can work wonders even with old people! 
Must be she’s finally drinking enough water. A few pics to share the fun we’re having…
-Pam Murphy

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