Information on XC Schooling at Windurra!


DitchComplex Our beautiful facilities at Windurra boast a 40-acre cross-country schooling course with all levels and difficulties, from Beginner novice through Four-Star level jumps, all constructed by ETB Equine Construction ( Most of the jumps are portables that we move around on a weekly basis, so you’ll always find something new and interesting to do. Our fixed fences include six open ditches, Trakehners, water complexes, coffins and sunken roads as well as four keyhole fences from Beginner Novice up to Advanced size.

Schooling Fee: $50/horse. There’s a mailbox under the big tree on the main driveway which has waivers that need to be signed for each rider. Please deposit your check here before getting on your horse.  Payment is expected on the day, no excuses! All riders must sign a waiver before riding, every time, no exceptions.


DitchComplex2Coaches and clinicians are welcome to teach students at any time. Please no motorized vehicles on the course. We are obsessed with keeping the footing as pristine as possible.

Coaches: please collect all students’ schooling fees and deposit in the mailbox to ensure no misunderstandings.

If you are coming to take a lesson or XC school at the farm, please print off and sign a copy of the following HOLD HARMLESS RELEASE or make sure that you sign a copy that is at the farm!

The course is never closed in season due to bad weather, as riding in muddy conditions is something riders and horses need to get used to. Obviously you should ride at your own risk and use your own judgment in slippery conditions. The course is generally closed from November until early March due to winter conditions.

DIRECTIONS to Cross Country Course Schooling:

Windurra USA, 2037 Newport Gap Pike (Rt 41) | Cochranville, PA, 19330

Parking: Please park on the grass at the edge of the driveway. Do no park in the field.

Horse Care: Please bring your own jugs of water to sponge your horses down/water horses after schooling is complete.

DressageRingRosesCoach recommendations: Sally Cousins and Matt Brown are teaching cross-country lessons for riders of all levels every week. I highly recommend both of these coaches. Please call or text Sally at 610-324-6628 and Matt at 707-480-4501. You may also contact Boyd at 610-806-2381.

Please understand that cross-country schooling has an element of danger and risk. You are welcome to use our course but must accept full responsibility if something does not go well.

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  1. Lizbeth Nauta says

    The BEST place to school. Thank you so much to Boyd and all at Windurra for this fabulous opportunity. What a very smart move. In the long run, it helps everyone be safer and better as XC is hardly ever available to practice as easily or as much as stadium and dressage. Thank you again.

  2. Anonymous says

    You rock Boyd Martin!

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