Interview with Boyd on EventingNation

Samantha Clark recently spoke with Boyd for He reflects on his Olympic experience, the Millbrook horse trials, and talks about his plans for several of his top horses, including an update on Otis’ Olympic injury. Click here to read more, or copy and paste:  This is just a preview; their entire conversation will be live on the Eventing Radio Show next week, Thursday the 16th of August. Thanks Samantha!

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  1. Sooner or later, all top athletes taste the bitterness of their body’s limits. Otis is no different. Undoubtedly, his carrier will consist of greatness with the occasional remainder that, by always giving 200%, he may hit his body’s limits. No true hero is perfect, but Otis is as close as any horse can be.

    Thank you Boyd for bringing Otis into our lives.

    Best wishes for a continuation of your journey together.

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