Jax and Jouloua at Blue Goose Dressage

Jouloua W

My assistant rider Harley showed Joan Fenton White’s gelding Jax W and my mare Joulua W at Blue Goose Dressage over the weekend. Harley is doing a wonderful job while I am pregnant and out of action! She is already looking more and more like a professional rider and I am very proud of how she rides my horses.

Joulua W was such a good girl; they finished in second place in a very big, competitive third level class! Joulua is for sale and would be a great horse for a tall rider that wants to go up the levels but does not have a huge budget. She does an easy change and even though she is only 8 years old, she is a schoolmaster at third level.

Jax W

Harley and Jax did some very nice work, but unfortunately made a couple of expensive mistakes in the test – but overall the quality is there and they are a pair to watch out for!


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