Jump School at Mary Hazzard’s Farm

Yesterday my crew and I decided to take our young horses and sales horses for some jump training off the farm. My good friend and world champion from 1978 Mary Hazzard has a beautiful jumping course set up in her indoor arena just miles down the road.

We took 9 horses in total, including some of the horses I’ll be eventing for the first time in Aiken. I also took some of the sales horses to give them some more experience jumping away from the farm.

My two working students/assistant riders Caitlin Silliman and Lillian Heard took their new up and coming horses. Both these girls have been riding with me for a while now and slowly but surely they are looking like Olympic caliber riders. Both have horses that are on track for contention for the London Olympics and it’s a great feeling yelling and screaming at these girls as I try to improve their riding everyday.

Below is a video of just a couple of the horses that we gave a jump yesterday at Mary’s beautiful farm.


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