Jump Schooling with Phillip Dutton at Windurra (VIDEOS)

Eddie and I are in England gearing up for the Burghley CCI4* and with only one horse to ride, I have a little time to reflect on my horses and training. Currently there is a big push in the US for cross country schooling and training. Lucky for me, one of the best cross country coaches lives just down the road from me. Last week Phillip Dutton came over to Windurra and gave me and a number of the local top riders a cross country tune up.
First Phillip built a number of exercises up in the jump ring, and then we moved out to the cross country schooling course, finishing up at the water jump.
His main focus in the ring was accuracy; he wanted the riders and the horses getting used to jumping the corner off a blind turn. He also had three offset verticals and the horses had to get used to using their bodies like slalom skiers, turning in the air, ducking inside each fence.
It was great to jump a couple of my top horses with him. We had a couple of excellent sessions that took me out of my comfort zone.

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  1. Excellent to watch

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