Juno W At Her New Home

Baby Juno
 Boyd and I are always so happy to see the horses we sell, especially our home breds, go to good homes and also to hear great news about how they are doing.
Juno is one of the fillies that we bred in Australia and imported to the USA. She has the biggest personality and a lot of talent. I meet Doug and Sasha Walsh about a year ago and Doug asked me at one of the Blue Goose shows if I would be able to help his wife Sasha with her big horse, Chancellor .
I started teaching Sasha and also Doug on one of his horses. Sasha is a very talented and ambitious dressage rider and it is fun to see her improve .Sasha was looking for a talented young horse to bring up the levels so I told Doug and Sasha about Juno and that I thought that Juno would be a great match for Sasha.
Silva and Juno
 They fell in love with Juno and bought her a few months ago. Juno has a lot of quality but she is still very young and a little spooky. Doug and Sasha work with a natural horseman at their farm in Nothingham, PA . They decided to spent a few months getting Juno used to everything before we start with the dressage training together, and I thought that was a very good idea since Juno is so young .
Juno on stool without saddle
A few weeks ago Sasha send me the above picture; I think it’s so funny, and amazing at the same time. I think it is so great how much time Doug and Sasha have spend with Juno to get to know her and for Juno to trust them as much as she does now.
Sasha and Juno
Last week I received another picture from Sasha of her on Juno. The text with the picture said : “We are ready for the dressage saddle now!”
I could not be happier with Juno’s new home and owners . I think Sasha and Juno are going to have a great future in the dressage ring together! We will see her out showing in the spring!
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  1. Outstanding horse breed… I like the black horse with white band on his feet.

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