Lindsey’s Article on Horse Boots Featuring Majyk Equipe

Head Groom Lindsey Taylor has written a super article about horse boots for, featuring the Boyd Martin Cross Country Book by Majyk Equipe. 

Lindsey says: 

Leg protection options for the cross county phase have become the source of much discussion, study and industry in the last several years. While the tried-and-true cross country boots still exist, there are many new options which have been based upon research in human athletics, while also tailored to the needs of the equine athlete.

Featured Product: Majyk Equipe XC Boot by Boyd Martin (Majyk Equipe)

The Majyk Equipe Cross Country Boot by Boyd Martin was just recently launched at Rolex Kentucky, and was such a success that the entire first batch of production sold out that weekend. Because I work for Boyd, I have to say that I am a bit biased in my recommendation of these boots, as I personally tested many of the prototypes and recommended changes based upon my preferences. Nevertheless, these boots are lighter, more breathable, and fit better than any other boots I have tried, and I am seriously impressed by the extensive research and development that inspired their production. Representatives of Majyk Equipe have backgrounds in human athletic textile engineering, and have used the knowledge gained in production of products at companies such as Adidas and Nike to develop this boot with the comfort of the horse in mind.

These boots feature an integrated strike zone over the tendon which provides flexible comfort for the horse without compromising protection. In fact, the protection of these boots is second to none, as shown through vigorous impact testing done by a third-party company, Biokinetics of Canada. This impact testing measured the amount of blunt trauma force able to pass through different models of cross country boots and results showed that the Majyk Equipe model outperformed other manufacturer’s boots by as much as 40%.

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