Looking Back at Devon

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner…


Well Devon has finally ended and we are all still readjusting to that sleep thing some people do. We saw some pretty impressive outfits, and won some pretty impressive (bright red) whips. Silva went out with a bang Saturday and Sunday, ending up in the top two with Duvent at 4th level and taking home the gold on Zoran. In the words of my ridiculously talented German boss: “Winner, winner, chicken dinner”. 

The infamous Rosa Cha also brought home the bacon with a show stopping freestyle. The Cha leaves her heart in the ring every time she performs and this week was no different. 

A huge shout-out to the owners and syndicate members of these incredibly talented horses, and also to Afro-Sheen for making each of our horses shine bright like a diamond in the ring.

Also, thank you to the Silva’s sponsors for providing top notch gear care for our all-star pack of horses:

And I think I speak for all of us students at Windurra when I say that is was truly a pleasure to meet Boyd’s Aunty Jan, over from Australia…please stay with us northerners, you will be missed when you leave!!

Peace up, A-town down,
Scouty Ford

Another Great Devon!

From Silva: 

Devon is over again!!!

It is amazing to me that another year has gone by and another Devon is over.  This past week was very busy for us and I really have to think about all the things that happened because the beginning of the week seems so long ago now.

First of all I like to say again how amazingly well Melinda and Larry have done with the wonderful young horses that they bred.  Melinda and Larry should be more than proud of the results they are getting every year at the Dressage at Devon breed show. With only a small breeding program they are in the the top three in almost every class against huge breeding operations. I think that is amazing and I think that is very exiting for us riders, (especially me), to see such talented horses being bred right here in America. 

I am very lucky to be working with Melinda and Larry and those amazing horses of theirs. After the babies go and collect their ribbons and prizes at the breed show , I get to train them and show them in the performance competition. 

Scout has already written about Benny’s great results in the 5-year-old class. Benny also won a huge award for being the highest-placed Hanoverian at the entire show. 

Duvent stepped up his game again this year in fourth level , winning on Thursday and placing second on Friday and Saturday. This horse is an amazing talent. He is the first horse Melinda and Larry bred and he is for sale now. His little brother Danka Schoene RRS, who also did amazingly in the breed show, is going to be for sale too. He is a three-year-old and I think he is going to be an amazing horse for an amateur or professional . 

Since our new favourite blogger Scoutie has already written about the results up until Saturday I will write about our last day:
After most of my horses went home I only had Zoran and Rosa left to go on Sunday.
Zoom (Zoran) was spectacular all week. This was his first time at a big show like this and he handled it like a pro. I am so exited about this horse! I think he is going to be a big time horse for me. It was so nice that Bonnie came to watch Zoom and I and I can’t thank her enough for all the support she gives Boyd and I .

Zoom started his test on Sunday with some outstanding trot work. Unfortunately somebody very good must have gone in the other ring when I started my canter work…let’s just say Zoom is a not a fan of applause…I think it really scared him when the crowd in the big ring went wild and we had a few spooks, which hurt our score but we still finished third. 

Rosa was such a good girl in her freestyle. This mare is so reliable and will try for me 100% every time we go in the ring. She was the youngest horse in the international competition and she held her own . We were first on (AGAIN ) in the freestyle and we finished in 6th place. 

I would like to thank my amazing team of girls who worked their butts off this week. Kimmy , Gracia , Scout and Emily were absolutely amazing. They were organized and worked so perfectly as a team. As you can imagine with the number of rides I had, we had to be very very organized . The whole week went very smoothly and all the horses looked absolutely amazing . I could not do any of what I do without those amazing girls that have my back at all times!!!

I am also very proud of the way they rode their own horses this weekend! There is nothing more rewarding then watching one of my girls ride so beautifully!

I am also very proud of Michelle Folden, who I have been helping for a few years now. Michelle is a very good trainer in South Carolina and has a very exciting 7-year-old mare that she showed at Devon for the first time. Michelle and Rani had some great results in fourth level . Watch out for those two in the future!

Thank you again to all my sponsors for your support!

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