Looking the Part in the Hunt Field

Boyd and Pancho Villa in the hunt field

A big thanks to Pancho Villa syndicate member Kathleen Crompton, who has been helping all the eventing riders at Windurra to look the part when we head out hunting with Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds. Kathleen made a critical observation that we all had poorly tied stock ties, and she has spent her time training all of us in the correct, proper way to tie a stock for the rigorous hunting that we’ve been doing with a number of the horses.

Kathleen tying Caitlin’s stock

…and Lindsey’s

Lindsey showing off the finished product

For the couple of months between Fair Hill and heading to Aiken in January, we’ve been taking a lot of the eventers out for a good bit of hunting. We are very lucky to be in the Cheshire hunt country, which has a lot of great terrain, good jumps and ideal water crossings. I believe this is educating the younger, non-Thoroughbred event horses to be good cross-country horses, and it’s also a fantastic opportunity to ride with a number of other elite equestrians from our area.


Video of sales horse Billie Jean Halliday on her first hunt:

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  1. Good for you for taking the eventers hunting! And I’m pleased that everyone is finally learning to tie a stock tie! Just think, your Rolex pictures won’t be ruined by flapping stock ties ever again. Happy Hunting!

  2. LOVE Lindsey’s pretty textured stock tie!

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