Luke 140 Leads After Dressage at Galway Downs CCI4*-L

Yesterday was the first phase of the Galway Downs CCI4*-L in Temecula, California where Boyd is competing Luke 140 and Long Island T, both owned by Syndicates, in the National Championship. The event kicked off with dressage yesterday, and Boyd had a mixed day in the sandbox with his two horses:
[Video of Long Island T]

Ludwig has been absolutely spot on all week in his training. He warmed up for the test beautifully yesterday.  Every movement he did in training was perfect. We went into the ring and got through the trot work well, but towards the end of the walk he started to get quite nervous. Unfortunately, I picked up the wrong lead in the canter strike off. Then he got quite hot and squirmy in the flying changes.  All in all, we got some 8’s and we also got some 4’s.  It was just one of those tests. I was really hoping for better, to be quite honest.

Luke warmed up a bit distracted for his test. I was starting to think that today wasn’t my day! I had a number of bad flying changes, and he was a little bit stiff and stuck on one rein in the warm up.  When I started to go around the ring before the test, Luke settled and started to concentrate. I couldn’t believe my luck as I went through the test and he was foot perfect. He really did well. Everything was on point.  All the mistakes that we had in the warm up were gone, and he did an absolute ripper of a test to take the early lead.

Today is another day; the cross country looks tough for both horses. It’s a 10 minute course that is very twisty and tight at the beginning and the opens up towards the end. I think both horses have a good shot of going inside the time. It should be an exciting day.

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