Maryland Horse Trials

Photos of Lillian Pink Courtesy of her owner Laurie Cameron

I had a fantastic weekend at the Maryland Horse Trials. After cruising around at WEG last weekend with just one horse I had my work cut out for me riding nine this weekend, with one in every class from beginner novice to intermediate.

It was Tricia Tripp’s Oldenburg filly Serendipity’s (Sempatico –Wrickster) first start and we finished second in beginner novice. My WEG reserve horse Remington XXV also finished second, in the intermediate. Summer Breeze, Charla and Ringwood Murphy all moved up a level. All in all it was a very successful weekend with all of the horses finishing without cross-country penalties, and the lowest placing of the bunch was sixth.

My only win was with Laurie Cameron’s Lillian Pink who proved she is one of the most promising up and coming young horses by winning the open preliminary.


My rides included:

OI-A: Remington XXV, owned by Ron and Densey Juvonen, 2nd place with 39.6
OI-A: Charla, owned by Ron and Densey Juvonen, 7th place with 52.8
OP-A: Lillian Pink, owned by Laurie Cameron, 1st place with 31.8
OP-B: Ringwood Murphy, owned by George & Gretchen Wintersteen, 5th place with 35.4
OP-C: Shatzi W, owned by Windurra USA, LLC, 4th place with 32.7
OT-D: Summer Breeze W, owned by Anne Hennessey, 6th place with 33.10
ON-B: Steady Eddie, owned by the Wintersteens, 3rd place with 31.7
OBN-B: Serendipity, owned by Tricia Tripp, 2nd with 39.0


OI-C: Caitlin Silliman rode her own Catch a Star to 7th with 85.2
OT-B: Lillian Heard rode her own Ariel to 7th with 42.10
OT-F: Sarah Gumbiner rode Jane Banbuskrik’s Child’s Play to 10th with 50.80
ON-C: Lillian Heard rode Andrea Beech’s Free to Gamble to 4th with 31.0

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