Meet the Crew: Devon Seery

Silva’s assistant rider/groom/organizer and intellectual genius is Devon Seery, who keeps the dressage operation running smoothly. She keeps the horses looking shiny, the stables clean, and the German DQ (Silva) under control in her moments of exhilaration and explosions…I hate to say it, but the only fault I can find in Devon is her driving navigation…

Devon is a very mature 17 years old, (I thought she was 24), who finished high school early by taking On line courses in order to pursue her dream of being one of America’s greatest dressage riders. She is actually probably Windurra’s smartest person, (IQ level wise), being one of Pennsylvania’s smartest school students. Her true love is dressage, and I can tell you folks, this kid can ride!

Her partner is ‘Rembrandt’, a Danish Warmblood gelding that is winning everything in sight at third level. Devon and Rembrandt destroyed a quality field by winning the second and third level at the Snowbirds in Paradise Dressage Show in Orlando in January of this year.

Silva and I are sharing the apartment in Aiken with Devon. She is focused, committed and very clean around the flat. We are lucky to have Devo on the team, and her assistance on the dressage side of things is invaluable. She is a hard worker, talented rider and a hell of a nice gal. Like I said, her only fault thus far is when she is giving navigation directions to the show with her co-driver Silva: sometimes they end up in the wrong state. Some would say it’s the blind leading the blind.

I wish Devo all the best in her two months living and working down here in Aiken, and thank her for making the dressage horses look better, go better and feel better. I also wish to thank her for keeping Silva under control, contained and satisfied with her group of top class dressage horses.


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  1. Devon is one of the most promising young equestrian stars I have met. Her integrity and sense of humor make her a great person to work with and be around. Good luck Dev! We’re all cheering for ya!

  2. Boyd and Silva,
    One of the coolest blogs ever, and I LOVE how much appreciation you show your team, from the assistant riders, the owners, your grooms, working students, ..everybody. You both are world class, and I wish both your and Silva a very successful 2011. Cheers.

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