Meet the Crew in Aiken: Lindsey Taylor

Introducing Super Groom/Barn Manager/Boyd Scheduler…Lindsey Taylor!!!

I am very happy to announce that we have a full time groom and operations manager in Lindsay. This gal is well trained and has been through the tough school of edict, class and care with top riders Becky Holder and Cathy Forsberg.

Lindsey started with us in January and has taken on her role with more expertise than I expected. Once again we have found a polar opposite to me: calm, meticulous, thorough and quiet, Lindsay has taken to her new position well. The horses love her and the barn has never looked so clean.

Her first event as groom and organizer was at Pine Top last weekend, where she breezed through getting nine horses ready and presented ahead of their scheduled times without even raising a sweat! All the horses looked immaculate and finished with top results.

Lindsey, Sara and Lillian can be found any Wednesday night singing a tune down at the Hotel Aiken on Karaoke night. The word amongst the eventing community down here is that the gals can hold a pretty smooth tune.

I want to thank Lindsey for coming on board with our team of horses. The results seen at big events are often made by the people behind the scenes grinding away and doing the hard work. These are thankless hours of sweat, tears and exhaustion done by people like Lindsey.

I pray that she can put up with me…


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  1. Hallmark Equine Insurance Agency says

    Lindsey is great!!! We miss her here at Hallmark 🙂

  2. I got a glimpse of her today, and I must say she is a top looking sort!!


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