Meet the Crew in Aiken

L-R: Lillian Heard, Silva Martin and Caitlin Silliman (Amber Heintzberger photo)

One of the faces that is behind the scene at the Aiken farm this year is my assistant rider/ chief organizer/ groom Lillian ‘not sure about that Boyd’ Heard. Lillian has been one of my partners in crime for the last two years. She is one of America’s top young advanced riders that is aiming her horse ‘Whitey’ at a couple of three stars or maybe a four star this year.

Whitey Dressage 1
Share Option “Whitey” (From jaqheardpics on Flickr)

I must say, Lillian and I are polar opposites, which is probably why we have tolerated each other for so long. She is always questioning my great ideas, and then when they work out she claims that she is the brains of the operation! She is extremely neat and organized, loves sticking to a schedule, and is a successful college graduate! All things that have strayed from me in my life….

“Ariel” (From jaqheardpics on Flickr)

All jokes aside, Lillian is a fantastic part of the team. She is a hard worker, a great rider and she loves the horses. I could not survive without her. I wish her all the best these next couple of months as we endure yet another Aiken experience together. She has two horses here this year, in ‘Share Option’ and ‘Ariel’ that both are top notch. Both Silva and I look forward to being part of Lillian’s future success.

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  2. Unfortunately, “anonymous” I know for a fact this is not true. She is a great girl though.

  3. I hear that lillian is the brains of the operation…

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