Mike Pindleton is On Track for a Bright Future with Horses

Big shout out to Mike Pindleton! Here is Mike on video riding Kirsten Jepp’s Quaresma, a very special three-year-old that Kirsten imported from Germany. You will hear lots more about Quaresma next year!
Mike is doing an incredible job riding those babies. I think it is so important that the young dressage horses get out and see the world and Mike has so much feel and gives all the horses enormous confidence .

Mike has been working for us a couple of years now and he has turned into a great young rider already. He works for me half the day riding some of my young dressage horses and he works the other half day for
Boyd with the event horses .He is pretty much taking the same path as Caitlin has with us and we are very excited about his future! We believe in Mike and if he stays on the right path he will become a champion.



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