Minotaure du Passior Makes a Comeback

Min and Lindsey

Minotaure du Passior, owned by Amy Lindgren, made a comeback to competition over the weekend at the Blue Goose dressage schooling show in Cochranville, PA. Following his escape from the Memorial Day barn fire, “Min” had severe complications with colic and underwent colic surgery at New Bolton Center during which a large portion of his intestine was removed. Following this procedure, Min spent several weeks locked up in the ICU at New Bolton, and then spent months on stall rest after returning home, initially only allowed out of his stall to hand graze for 10 minutes per day.

Because Min no longer has a colon, he is on a very restricted diet. He gets small amounts of soaked hay and a mash of watered-down Equine Senior four times per day, but is slowly starting to look less like a skeleton and regain the weight that he lost due to the colic.

My groom, Lindsey Taylor, had taken over the ride on Min this past spring after he had been retired from eventing competition following his win at the Bromont CCI 1* last year. After the fire and his colic surgery, he had several months of recovery time. Lindsey began hacking him again in September and slowly increased his workload to bring him back to fighting form. Although Min’s owner, Amy, had decided Min would retire from competition last year after Bromont, she saw Min put in a strong fight for his life following the fire and decided that he needed a new job to focus his energy on. He has found the perfect second career as a dressage horse, as evidenced by his debut yesterday, competing at first level and earning scores of 64.516%, 65.806% and 66.129%.

Silva and the girls also schooled several of the other horses at Blue Goose yesterday, including:

  • Fernhill Classic, ridden by Silva Martin, owned by Ryan Wood
  • Crackerjack, ridden by Silva Martin, owned by Lucy Boynton and Colin Davidson
  • Hidden Promise, ridden by Ashlea Day, owned by Silva Martin
  • New Cadet, ridden by Caitlin Silliman, owned by Anne Hennesey
  • Steady Eddie, ridden by Caitlin Silliman, owned by Gretchen and George Wintersteen, Denise Lahey and Pierre Colin
  • Lux Like Fernhill, ridden and owned by Caitlin Silliman
  • Waranga, ridden by Sara Gumbiner, owned by Amy Lindgren
  • Working Draft, ridden by Sara Gumbiner, owned by Susan Ballek
  • Polaris, ridden and owned by Sara Gumbiner
  • Canton Center, ridden by Emily van Gemeren, owned by Elenor Smith
  • Arundel, ridden and owned by Abbie Golden


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  1. You two look great together!!! Great job Lindsey!


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