Neville and Boyd in Dressage at the WEG

I was relatively happy with Neville’s performance in the dressage today. He warmed up beautifully in the preparations for the test; I also gave him a light ride at 7am and was quite happy with the way he went. Neville was relaxed in the warm-up

The cheering section

We went into the test and unfortunately when the US crowd applauded Neville got excited before the test. He was very, very tense and anxious but to his credit he went in and did a fairly good test.
His trot work was was a bit disappointing – tense – but he made up for it with beautiful canter work and scored a personal best in the four-star test with a 49.

We anticipated that he’d be tense so Oded and Captain Phillips told me to go in rising trot around the ring to keep his back soft; that seemed to work until the applause but I have to give him credit, he’s born and bred for racing and here he is at the WEG trying to be a dressage horse and finds it a bit tough.


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  1. Congrats on a great job keeping him together! Neville looks absolutely stunning, beautifully presented.

  2. Neville is hands down my favorite horse. Love his wild personality and all the great work you’ve done with him. Can’t wait to see you two ROCK the XC course tomorrow. Have a great ride!

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