Neville Bardos is Back!

Big Nev is back in work!  He is looking in fantastic condition, mainly due to the fact that he has been living the good life at Hotel Wintersteen. George and Gretchen have been wonderful, having Neville at their farm here in Unionville over the last 10 months. He has got great weight, his feet look super, and his spirits are high. 

I have had young Mike Pindleton hacking him for the last week, mainly due to the fact that I was worried that Nev might throw me off since he is feeling so good.  My plan is to really take my time bringing him back into work. He looks in good nick at the moment, and should come back well.
Dr Kevin Keane had a look at him the other day, and agreed that it would be probably wiser to aim him at new career with a younger rider at the lower levels. 
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  1. Excellent
    Oh was hoping to see you ride him at a spring show or 2

  2. That will be one lucky young rider!!!

  3. Go Neville! Love that horse!

  4. This is how I first heard of you Boyd was via Neville! He’s a wonderful horse! I was just talking about him today at the club where I work out.

    Please give him extra petting for me! Is he still cribbing?

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