Neville Bardos’ Rendezvous with Inmate Buddies in Florida

We arrived in Tallahassee, Florida

for Red Hills, the first CIC of the year, today. Neville Bardos is here to compete in his first serious event since the WEG last year and was greeted by a few of the local prisoners who were out for the day, helping set up the stabling. I said g’day to the boys and wished them all the best and they also got to meet Neville, who is incidentally named after an infamous Australian gangster, and give him a carrot.

I’ve got two other rides in the open prelim: first is Colin Davidson’s Crackerjack, and it will be my first complete horse trials on the Otis Barbotiere Syndicate’s Otis Barbotiere, just to get him out and about. The plan is to run slowly around cross-country on Otis; if Neville does well in dressage I may let him run a bit. I expect Crackerjack to do exceedingly well in all three phases.

We’re just tucking in to a healthy sushi dinner before we get a good night’s sleep in preparation for the big event…more to come this weekend!


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  1. hehe It looks like you dressed for the occasion. 😀 “I got stripes… stripes around my shoulders.”

    In all seriousness, very cool. Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. What happened with Charla? She is entered in the 2** but there is no score in dressage???

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