Neville, Otis AND Remington Ready to Fly to England!

The journey to England has begun! Groom Lindsey Taylor reports from Newark International Airport:
At 6:30 this morning, I loaded Neville, Otis and Remington onto the trailer, took them to True Prospect Farm and loaded them onto another trailer with Phillip’s horses to travel to New Jersey for the final trot up and quarantine before getting on the plane to England. 
Neville Bardos
Neville and Otis had been named to the short list last Monday, and Remington had been named as an additional nominated entry. In short, that means that Neville and Otis were scheduled to get on the plane, barring any unforeseen circumstances, and Remington would tag along for the day, with the possibility of getting on the plane if something were to happen to one of the other short listed horses throughout the day today. He would go home to Pennsylvania tonight if all short listed horses appeared healthy and happy in quarantine. 
Remington XXV

The biggest news of the day came after all of the horses trotted up one last time for the veterinary team. All of our horses looked good, and the news was announced that the selectors had decided to add Remington to the short list! Other than the addition of Remington, no other changes had been made to the short list. I was initially shocked by the news, and a bit panicked as I tried to figure out if i had packed enough tack and supplies for Remington. I am overjoyed that he will be joining us in England!

 The horses are currently eating their dinner in quarantine; they are scheduled to board the plane at 10:30 pm and depart at 3:30 am. They were lucky enough to be able to quarantine at Cedar Lane Farm near Oldwick, New Jersey, where they were able to graze on wonderful grass and move around a bit before entering the quarantine lock down.
The horses are scheduled to arrive at the farm in England around 9 pm Monday night. Boyd will make his way from Germany to England sometime between tonight and tomorrow, and training camp will officially start in a few short days.
Stay tuned for more updates from England and wish us luck in our travels tonight!
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  1. So the horses will do their quarantine in England? Isn’t that three weeks? Will they be allowed out to train, graze and play in paddocks? Or do they have to stay inside?

    What about Neville and his wind sucking? Isn’t it similar to cribbing? Would a jolly ball help him with boredom?

    I hope great things for Boyd and Neville. His story is TOTALLY AWE INSPIRING!

  2. Anonymous says

    Have fun Lindsey! An experience of a lifetime. We are all routing for you in Illinois. Be safe and have fun. Take care of the “boys”! Miss u darlin’
    Love, Laura

  3. Wish I’d taken the job at that farm now… would love to see these guys up close and personal. Fun seeing photos at a place I know 🙂

  4. Anonymous says

    How is Remington in the States so fast when he was in Germany at least as of Sat?! Is his wind ok then?

  5. Anonymous says

    So excited for all of you and glad Remy made the list. Take in all the sights and sounds…but when all is said and done, KICK SOME INTERNATIONAL BUTT! We will all be rooting for you guys here in the States!

  6. Polly Mitchell says

    Good Luck To all of Windurra USA !!!!

  7. Ying Yang Yo was the horse in Germany not Remingtion

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