New Attwood Equestrian Surfaces Arena for Boyd and Silva

Boyd has a few things to say about the new arena that Attwood Equestrian Surfaces has just completed at his and Silva’s new facilities in Cochranville, PA:

Silva’s dressage operation has completely moved to our new farm in Cochranville, PA, a beautiful piece of property with 18 stalls and plenty of turn out. Her entourage of dressage horses have had a huge improvement to their training facility with a new arena by Attwood Equestrian Surfaces.

We are both very excited to be riding on what we think is actually the best footing out there for dressage and event horses. Attwood Equestrian Services have just completed a 60 x 20 meter dressage court using their fantastic new synthetic surface: a polymer coated sand which doesn’t require any watering and it’s an amazing surface that almost has a memory for when the horse’s foot presses down on the surface that it bounces back up completely, eliminating any concussion sustained through the vigorous training of our top level horses.

One of the scariest and most important parts of the footing is the grooming needed every couple of days – both Silva and I have given the fence around the arena a couple of good bumps with the tractor!

If anyone is interested in checking out this footing please don’t hesitate to stop by and have a look at our place in Cochranville or ring Edwin Barron at Attwood Equestrian: 714-258-6859


About Attwood Equestrian Surfaces:

Since 1992 Attwood Equestrian Surfaces has been at the forefront of footing development. We are the original manufacturer of polymer- coated, dust-free footing in the USA. Our footings are engineered from meticulously selected sand, blended with micro poly fibers and coated with a visco-elastic polymer.
Attwood Equestrian Surfaces has been manufacturing and installing polymer-coated riding surfaces for more than twenty years. Using the latest in technological advances and continuous innovations, we remain at the forefront of footing development. Our products are Pinnacle, Ameritrack and GGT.

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