New Farm Use Rates at Windurra USA!



The new gallop track is open for use, and with that we want to publish our new facility use rates.  You will see signs up around the farm to help guide you.

Cross Country Schooling Fee – $60

Showjumping Arena Usage Fee – $40

$25 after 4pm and all day Sundays (appointment only – text Boyd 610 806 2381)

Gallop Track Usage Fee – $40

Dressage Ring Usage Fee – $25 – by appointment only – text Silva 610 806 2721

Silva and Boyd lessons $125, facility fee included.
Riders must pay for each portion of the facility that they use on each horse in the same session
ie: show-jump + Gallop = $80
show-jump +cross country = $100

Cross country + Gallop = $100

All checks made out to WINDURRA USA
Gallop track hours: 8:30 am – 5pm
  • All riders to sign a waiver and leave a check before mounting.
  • No loose dogs. Cats are welcome to roam over the property freely.
  • Riders may warm up on the circular track at no charge before they cross country school.
  • No driving on the fields
  • If you fall off and go to hospital, you still have to pay full schooling fees.
  • If you decide not to pay for all of your rides, you are not welcome back. Ever.
  • Digital cameras monitoring gallops and cross country course.
  • Payment is expected on the day.
  • Instructors: please collect all of your lessons schooling fee checks and place them in the envelope, so there are no misunderstandings.
  • all Boyd jumping lessons – $125 (no ring fee required)
  • Ring fee for all other outside lessons and outside rides $40, ($25 after 4pm, $25 all day Sundays)
  • Instructors to collect all lessons ring fees.
  • Off farm horses, please book a time for use of the ring by texting Boyd – 610 806 2381
  • Showjumping ring fee : 8am-4pm – $40, 4pm onwards $25, All day Sunday’s is $25.
  • Separate fee apply if you also use gallops and cross country.
  • 7am – 8am ring maintenance- no riding
  • Please sign a waiver
  • Leave jumps where you found them.
  • Payment is expected on the day.
  • all Silva lessons $125
  • Ring fee for all other outside lessons and outside rides – $25
  • Outside lessons and ship in rides please book a time with Silva via text 610 806 2721
  • 7am – 7:30am ring maintenance- no riding
  • Please clean ring when finished riding
  • $ 40 Gallop track usage fee.
  • No walking and hacking on the track
  • Please give way to horses coming up the track by riding on the grass.
  • the gallop fee is an additional fee if you have used the cross country, or jumping or dressage rings.
  • Gallop track is only open from 8:00am until 5:00pm
  • Gallop track is 1 mile in distance
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