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Silva and Caitlin spent Labor day weekend at a dressage show at the New Jersey Horse Park with four horses:

Larry and Melinda Waltons’ young mare, Constantina RRS, is only four years old and this was her first show. She was so good, she just walked on the trailer with everyone else, and at the show I got on her straightaway and she went in the big arena and was great. She won her first class with 74% and then straight afterwards she did the Materiale class four four-year-old mares and was second with a 76% to Chris Hickey. That was pretty impressive for such a baby – she had the best time, she loved to go to the show!

“Cece” came to me about six weeks ago and hadn’t even been out of the round pen yet, so she was still very green. Melinda and Larry did a really good job; it’s unbelievable how they handle all their young horses. The horses are so worldly and never have had anything bad happen to them. Melinda spends a lot of time with them so they are very good, they’ve been handled so much and so well and that makes a big difference.

Video of Cece:


I also rode Duvent, who is also owned by Melinda and Larry. At Saugerties he was very wild and I still had to get to know him – he was good but a little bit excited. This time he was so much better! I knew what to do with him and he warmed up well and went straight into the ring. He won 2nd level test 3 with 68% on the first day and was 2nd in 2nd level test 4 with 65%. On Saturday he won 2nd level test 3 with 69% and was 3rd in 2nd test 4 with 66% and finally he was second level champion!

He is now qualified for the BLM and GAIG finals, which is exciting – we still have a month to prepare and I think we have a good chance at the finals. I’m glad I took him in all these classes this weekend to get him qualified. I’ve got him entered in the second level championships there and then in 3rd level the next day – he’s ready for it.

Videos of Duvent:

Sarah Reece came to watch Rosa – here’s a photo:

Rosa Cha W took a little time off the first day – it was my fault! She’s been doing so well every time out and it was a hot windy day and I didn’t really feel like competing, which is bad when you’re at a competition! I was also wearing some spiky spurs from another horse and I should have switched with Caitlin, who was also at the warm-up. Rosa warmed up a little wild and I thought she’d be fine, but then they said it’s time to go in. I thought, “Oh shit…” as she was snorting and still a bit wild. We went in and she was up like a champion but when I asked her to canter I just touched her with a spur and she squealed and bucked and had the best time! She’s a very electric horse, which is going to be awesome when she gets to Grand Prix, but this was a reminder that I still have to ride her! I’m glad that happened because it’s a reminder when I get to the BLM final that I have to ride her more the first day. She still got 65%, which is low for her but not bad. She was still a little up the next day but was much better: still a little tense, but she scored 69% in training level. She will go to the finals and I will definitely be ready for her there!

This weekend Caitlin rode Zanadoo, a sales horse owned by Sara Hughes, at his first dressage show. I had Caitlin ride him because I wanted to see how he’d do with a little bit less experienced rider than me and he was great: he trailered well and didn’t spook at anything. He did 1st level and was 2nd the first day with 66%, then placed 3rd on the second day with 65%, again at first level. I don’t think it will take long to sell him: he’s an Oldenburg gelding, only six years old, and he looks beautiful and was so easy to ride.


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