November 2018 Shamwari Update

My good mate Shamwari is feeling better and better since he was injured at the  Luhmuehlen CCI4* in Germany in June, when his hind tendon slipped off his hock just meters before the finish of of the 4-Star cross country course.

For the first three months after Luhmuehlen he was pretty sore, so we had him on stall rest and we were hand grazing him a couple of times a day. After he got more comfortable we put him out in a round pen for a few hours a day, so he could enjoy some sunlight and controlled movement. For the past few weeks we have put him back out into a normal paddock where he can spend the day munching on grass and soaking up the sun.
My groom Steph loves this horse and to be honest, he was looking a bit bored, so she has been riding at the walk for 30 minutes a day just to keep him occupied. Shammie seems to enjoy the activity – as a top athlete, he has always had a strong work ethic and isn’t entirely suited to the life of a couch potato!
When you trot him up in a straight line, he still has a bit of a hitch in his gait, but his veterinarians think that eventually he will be back to normal. He is a lovely horse to have around, and one of the best horses I have ever ridden, but I still think it’s the right decision to retire him from world-class competition. His syndicate members and I will decide over time what the best course of action for him will be.
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  1. Cynthia Lawler says:

    Love the Update
    Special Horse

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