Off to a Good Start at 2019 Jersey Fresh International

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Today was the first day of dressage at the Jersey Fresh International Three-Day Event and all three horses entered in the ‘short’ format of the event did good dressage tests.
Barry: He was the first of my group to go. He had been working really well in the lead up to the test and I decided to really go for it in the test. Barry was super. Unfortunately in the trot half pass he misunderstood my aid and cantered. His medium trots were sensational.  In the canter work, we unfortunately did two flying changes in both counter canters.  I could not believe it! All in all we had green mistakes throughout the test. The judges wanted to love us; we would have been right up with the leaders without these green mistakes, which was a little frustrating.
Ray: Still improving!  It’s by far the best dressage test we have pulled out this year. He was a little tight and nervous in the ring, but kept it together.  He is still a bit of a work in progress. To be honest, there were no big mistakes throughout the test.  I do have to be very gentle and careful in the way I ride him under pressure. He is definitely getting better, but he feels like a real thoroughbred.  Once he relaxes, he will be 10 points stronger. We are definitely improving.
Luke:  What a star. I don’t know him very well, but so far I love him!  He did try to buck me off in the morning when I schooled him, but once I wore him out a bit, he was golden. He really shows off in the ring. Like Ray, he still needs to take a deep breath in the test and relax.  I think once he lets himself go he will be unbelievable.  I couldn’t be happier with him. He blitzed the field so far in this competition.

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Tomorrow (Friday) Contestor goes in the CCI 4 S L class.
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