Off to Holland!

Otis and Remi have embarked on their journey to Holland to compete at The Boekelo CIC3* Three Day Event next weekend. I saw Boyd off to Morven Park early this morning with Thomas, Bo, and a fully packed trailer, while Otis, Remi and I boarded the semi truck headed for JFK airport.

After battling through a morning of NYC traffic on the semi, the horses arrived at the airport in great shape and spent five hours in the quarantine barn, resting up for the big plane ride. Tamra Smith’s Mar de Amor and Michael Pollard’s DV8 will join Otis and Remi on the journey.

Following the quarantine period, the horses loaded onto a pallet to then be loaded onto the plane. Otis and Remi were experts at the loading process and settled right into their spots, happily munching on hay. They are sharing a pallet with a miniature stud pony, whom Otis has been eying suspiciously all day, not quite sure what to make of him. The good news is that because of the pony’s small size, Otis and Remi get a bit more room on the pallet! Stay tuned for photo updates throughout the flight.

The event will officially begin with the first horse inspection on Wednesday at 1:30 pm local time, which is 7:30 am Eastern time. Otis is number 86 and Remi is number 95, which should mean that both of them will do dressage on Friday.

We will keep you posted throughout the week!

-Lindsey Taylor
Head Groom

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  1. Lezlie Bostic says

    Good luck & safe rides to all!

  2. Wow, I cant imagine how stressful the plane ride is for a horse. But, anyway, good luck to both horses and riders! 😀

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