A pleasant visit today at New Bolton Center revealed 3 patients who are recovering well!
It seems that everyone’s good wishes are helping our patients on their road to recovery.




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  1. Anonymous says

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  2. Thanks for keeping us all updated! Great to see they are doing well! As for the above comment I think that it was in very poor taste. Please keep the updates coming and all my best to everyone associated with these amazing horses. The equestrian community is strong and supportive, ignore the negative comments.

  3. Thanks so much for the updates and I really enjoyed these videos showing the horses upbeat and interactive. It’s very encouraging seeing them doing so well.

    Sorry to see the tasteless post above, but with so many people across the globe pulling for the survivors and following this story, there is bound to be some bad apples along with all the myriad good ones.

  4. Thanks guys for standing behind us. We want to keep this about positive recovery & everyone is doing their best to move forward with respect and optimism. The equestrian community is just amazing!!

  5. Anonymous says

    It is always unfortunate when some lash out during tragic times, to try to convince themselves that they are above tragedy. The anonymous poster above (June 3rd at 11:56pm) obviously gets some sort of relief by lashing out at the victims in this way.

    I guess if I were generous, I would feel sorry for this poster…. but, I am not that generous. I will save my sorrow for the equine and human victims of this terrible accident.

    To all of those affected, I send my warmest wishes for peace and better times ahead.

  6. It’s soo good to see the horses doing well! Hugs and kisses to all of them! Continued prayers for everyone at TPF.

  7. It is so good to know that the survivors are doing well. Let me apologize for the person above who provided such a negative comment. Always someone, who after the fact, throws out the “why didn’t you do this or that?” It is unfortunate that these people have to show up in a time of tragedy. I prefer to reflect upon the tremendous courage of people to save as many horses as possible. I also prefer to be positive with my hope that everyone will recover from this tragedy both emotionally and physically. My heart goes out to everyone who has suffered a loss and injury in this horrible event. Warm thoughts to everyone.

  8. The videos are great and are uplifting. Thank you for sharing them. Staying focused on the positive is the best way to cope absolutely!

    I think it is remarkable that 5 horses were saved by some very brave individuals, as fire doubles in size every minute. I’m sure barn design will be on everyone’s mind following a horrific event such as this, but many people with older barns have to work with what they have. Keep an eye out for potential hazards, but keep in mind you can have great wiring, but along comes a lightening strike and then you are sans a six stall barn in five minutes (happened to a friend of mine).
    Showing the barn burning helps raise awareness and hopefully gets people planning on how they might handle an emergency of this nature. I’m lucky to work for a company that provides annual fire training, among other types of safety training. Plan ahead by having extinguishers available (get them checked as they pack down sitting over time). Plan on where to meet or where to put the horses during an evacuation. Fight the fire together from the same direction if possible. And always, always keep your back to the exit. Also, when there is a lot of smoke and visibility is poor you need to know the structure well enough to feel your way out (how many stalls to pass to reach the exit, keep the exit path uncluttered, etc). Have a plan in place for your home and your barn and practice it a few times.

    Keep the recovery posts coming, because there are a lot of us who care and benefit from this, yet still manage to feel for those that were not so fortunate.

  9. Yikes, if you’re going to be negative, in such a trying time – then you’re not included in the eventing family. And clearly since the barn was already built when they rented it the design was not their choice.

    Kudos to everyone at the farm for saving the horses they could and for trying to continue on this weekend competing.

    If you don’t have the courage to take credit for what you’ve said, then grow the ::insert swear word here:: up. Don’t post anonymous bs because you have nothing better to do. Better hope you don’t believe in karma.

    Silva and Boyd and everyone involved are two silver linings when they could have been storm clouds. Bravo and we are here for you for whatever you need through this rough time.

  10. Great to see the videos of horses being horses and recovering. Keep up the awesome work.

  11. I agree with all the above…. what is done is done… focus on the positives…learn from the negatives and always, always keep a chin up, a smile on your face… for even in this horrific tragedy there are still the survivors, our four legged friends who need us and want us and knicker to us. They need you now! So, keep up the great work, keep us updated and we all will keep sending prayers and thoughts for all involved. You guys are doing a GREAT job!

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