Otis Barbotiere Sold

2016-10-10 OtisBarbotiereSold
I am happy to announce that my 2012 Olympic partner Otis Barbotiere has been sold as a jumper to Kentucky based rider Catie Boone.  His second career as a show jumper has been very successful over the past year.
After retiring from the eventing circuit at the end of 2015, the Otis Barbotiere Syndicate leased Otis to Catie’s sister Ali Boone. The Boone family have done a wonderful job taking care of Otis. He has competed in Palm Beach, Lexington, Vancouver and Spruce Meadows during the past year.  He has had many wins with Catie and Ali along the way, as both Boone girls ride exceptionally well.
I could not be happier seeing Otis being sold to these great people. They look after their horses perfectly, and the facilities in which Otis lives in are first class. It is awesome to see that Otis has found a place where he can keep competing, since he loves the shows and loves to be active.
Lastly, I would like to thank the Otis Barbotiere Syndicate. In December 2010, I found this horse in the back blocks of France. They all really took a chance believing in me.  It was the first time that I found an upper level horse and brought a larger group together. Many in this group have got involved with many other horses since then.  We had a wonderful journey with Otis: he went all over the world competing at some of the great events like Boekelo, Barbury, Rolex, Luhmuehluen and London.
We all look forward to following Otis’s success.
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