Otis Barbotiere to Semi-Retire at Windurra USA

Earlier this year, Tricia Boone called me and said that my 2012 Olympic partner Otis Barbotiere wasn’t doing too much at his new home in Kentucky.  He had a great career in the jumpers with both Catie and Ali Boone, but was ready for retirement. Tricia said that she was looking for a home for the old boy, and I jumped at the chance to take him back and give him a home at Windurra.
When he arrived at the farm, I must say that he looked amazing. The Boone family had Otis in magnificent condition. Some of the credit must go to Debbi White whom is in charge of the care of some of the horses at the Boones’ farm in Kentucky.  Even though Otis is about 18, he looks like a 10-year-old!
I have a young girl named Mia working for me who doesn’t have a horse; she is a younger rider without much backing that has plenty of talent. I have her riding and training him each day and I must admit that is awesome having Otis back at the farm. His tongue is still hanging out in the dressage and he is still jumping massive.
Last weekend, Mia gave Otis a good ride around the Training division at Fair Hill Horse Trials. He ripped around the courses well!  Otis jogged up like a champion this morning. Mia is looking after him like liquid gold.
Sadly Tricia passed away earlier this year after having a tough go with cancer. She would have to be one of my most favorite people: she was a very vibrant, upbeat, positive personality – just a great person. I seriously miss her.
I think we will just continue with a semi-retirement plan with Otis at the farm. He has a home here for life. Obviously this horse has a special place with all of us.
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