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Party Boy

NAME: Party Boy
SEX: Gelding

COLOR: Dark Bay
HEIGHT: 16.2

SIRE: By Truck

DAM: Outta Texas

OWNER: Fernanda Kellogg/ Nick Meyers

Curtis is a very promising young Thoroughbred that came to me at the end of 2010, thanks to Fernanda Kellogg and Nick Myers. He was originally purchased by Fernanda and Nick from US team representative Will Faudree who acquired the horse from a racetrack in Texas. In the spring of 2009, Will hosted a huge retirement party for his great horse Antigua, then realized he had to pay for it! Before the debt collectors broke Will’s legs, he decided to sell Curtis after doing some early training on him. Nick Myers spent 18 months working with Curtis in Millbrook and Aiken, teaching him the fundamentals of being a top event horse. There is no doubt that the hard work Nick printed into him has ricocheted through to Curtis’ recent successes.

Curtis is a smart, sleek looking athlete. His attention span is very similar to mine but he has a great work ethic. He has nice movement for the dressage, a clean careful jump and is also one of the fastest galloping cross country horses I have in work.

The future is exciting for Curtis, I believe him to be a potential four star horse for the future as it looks as if he has all the necessary ingredients.

Fernanda Kellogg, along with her husband Kirk Hinkles are the owners and event organizers of Fitches Corner in Millbrook, New York. They are also fantastic supporters of mine, owning a share in the Otis Barbotiere syndicate

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