Pau XC Course Walk

I was lucky enough to do a course walk with Captain Mark Phillips this morning around the Pau Cci **** course. Silva and Caitlin tagged along and took a few snaps with the iPhone. Here are a few of the interesting fences that I can predict will keep me awake in a cold sweat tomorrow night before Cross-Country…


Fence 4 is a very square corner off a very sharp turn…. This is the first tough question about 35 seconds into the course.
The first of the three waters. A big drop in, then a turn in the lake to a big step out, one stride to a angled brush. I think this is the first real test for Remi.

Walking in seriously cold water….

A few fences later is a double of narrows on top of two mounds 4 strides apart. Should be sweet….
A duck at the top of another man made mound. I have found a bit of a shortcut inside a few trees after this fence which should save some time.

A huge angled rail over a very wide ditch. Mark told me to hit this one at pace over the third flower pot to the left.
This is the second water at about 6:30 into the course. Before these angle one stride hedges in the water is a big hedge drop in, with a ditch brushnbefore it. This is a fence that requires bold accurate ridding. This is a bit of a concern for me.

This is the ditch rails to a direct three strides angling over the narrow. The key at this one is to hit it a pace, jumping the middle of part A at an angle, and keep pushing to get three.

This is my biggest worry on the course. It’s a freaking huge jump in over the corner of the boat, then an curving line in five strides, to a big step out, then one stride angling out over the apex of the second boat. This fence is late in the course and tests everything of a star horse… Boldness, accuracy, athletisim and courage.
The third last fence is this corner, which follows a four stride hedge oxer line. After the two hedges it’s down a steep hill, turning to this corner in the picture. Nearly home…
Ahhh… The last fence. The smallest fence on the course. It would be a long trip home if I had a shocking ride to this one. I will be looking to take a tug at this one just to be sure (unless the clock is yelling at me).

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Good Luck!!

    I find it amusing that the numbers appear to be the same color as our Beginner Novice 😉

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