Peter Wylde’s Cross Country Adventures at Windurra USA

Olympic show jumper Peter Wylde was at our farm last week coaching me on Luke, Cue and Thomas, preparing for the next week’s challenges. Behind our show jumping ring is our big, 30-acre cross country field, and Peter is always joking with us that he’d like to have a crack at it. Last Thursday was the perfect day: I pulled out Nancy Hathaway’s Caterina, a beautiful French mare that is relatively green, with just one intermediate start under her belt. I decided to throw Peter in at the deep end and after warming up over a couple of Training coops I took him out over the advanced course.

Peter suddenly went very quiet, but I have to say it was inspiring watching a great show jumper easily turn into a great cross country rider. Peter has such a good eye for seeing distances and the only advice I gave him was to give up that pretty crest release and grab some mane, especially into the water and through the coffin. It was good to see him digging the spurs in and giving Caterina a good school. To be honest I’d be terrified if the roles were reversed and I was asked to jump a 1.60m show jumping oxer, so hats off to him!



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